Love And Relationships Poems (1-6)


Loves Philosophy


  • The narrator is addressing a woman- he's trying to persuade he to be with him romantically.
  • The narrator gives examples to show how everything in nature in connected with something in a loving way.
  • He believes that this is God's law and that is should be obeyed.
  • He asks the woman he is addressing why she's ignoring God's law by refusing to have a love relationship with him.
  • He finally questions what use all the bonds in nature are if he can't be with her.


  • Romantic love longing- "nothing in the world is single" 
  • Desire and longong- "if thou kiss not me"
  • Nature- " the fountains mingle with the river"
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Porphyrias lover


  • A man sits in his cotage on a strormy night.
  • Porphyria his lover, arrives and makes the cottage warm and comfortable, before sitting down next to him.
  • He ignores he while she's flirting with him- he seems upset with her.
  • However, he decides that she loves hiim and that she belongs to him- he wants to preserve the moment, so he strangels her with her own hair.
  • It is clear that the speaker is mentally disturbed.
  • He opens her eyes and spends the rest of the night sitting with her dead body.


  • Romantic love longing- "And last, she sat down by my side"
  • Nature- "the sullen wind was soon awake"
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When We Two Parted


  • The narrator recals the day he and his lover parted- she diddn't seem to have affection for him any more.
  • He believes the sadness that he felt then foreshadowed the sadness he feels in the present.
  • Although time has passed, evan hearing her name affects the narrator deeply.
  • He hears people talking abou the affairs with other men, and he feels hurt by her actions.
  • He thinks that he'll always fell hurt- if he meets her again he'll act just the same as when they parted.


  • Romantic love loss- "thy vows are all broken"
  • Death- "a knell to mine ear"
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The Farmers Bride


  • A farmer has been married for three years but his bride is frightened of him and other men.
  • In the poem he tells the story of how their relationship went wrong.
  • He doesn't question whether he has any responsibility for his wife's fear.
  • He finds he rejection of him almost unbearable, but he expresses his thouhts in a fairls matter-of-fact-way.
  • He disires his wife, and by the end it seems he may be struggling to resist taking her by force 


  • Nature- "shy as a leveret, swift as he"
  • Romantic love longing-"whats christmas time without their be some other in the house than we"
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Sonnet 29- I think of thee


  • The narrator tells her lover how much she thinks about him when they are together.
  • She's worried that her thoughts will obscure the reality of what he's actually like.
  • However, she reassures him that her thoughts do not compare to the reality of him.
  • She wants him to be a strong prescence in her life and to be with him rarther than just think about him.


  • Romantic love longing-"rustle thy boughs and set thy trunk all bare"
  • Nature-"my thoughs do twine and bud about thee,as wild vines,about a tree"
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Winter Swans


  • A couple walk around a lake after two days of bad weather. They dont talk to each other and they walk apart from each other- their relationship is troubled.
  • They stop at the sight of some swans and watch them as they tip underwater- they eventually right themselves and swim away.
  • The swans display seems to change the mood between the couple.
  • The couple carry on walking and end up holding hands-they seem to have reconciled.


  • Romantic love fufilment-"like a pair of wings settling after flight"
  • Distance-"as we skirted the lake,silent and apart"
  • Nature-"they halved themselves in the dark water"
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