localisation of Function

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Localisation of function

Motor cortex- controls voluntary movement 

Broca's area- responsible for production of speech

Auditroy cortex-processes information form our ears

Wernicke's area-Resposnsible for the understanding of language 

Visual cortex-processes information from our eyes

Somatosensory cortex- Processes infromation about touch, pain, temperature and propiroception (the position of your body)

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The brain is divided into two hemispheres

  • The brain is split into two hemispheres -right and left
  • The two are connected with the corpus callosum 
  • Broca and Wernicke's areas are only found in the left hemisphere- so it handles the bulk of language functions. The left hemisphere is also genreally responsible for logic, analysis and problem solving
  • The right hemipshere is more concerned with things like spatial comprehension, emotions and face recognition.

The Two Hemispheres can communicate via the Corpus Callosum

  • information from the right visual field goes to the cortex in the left this crosses via the corpus callosum
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Split brain research Sperry (1968)

Method-  Involved case studies and experiments. 11pps had the surgery and there was a control group who had no disconnection. Pps were shown image to left or right t high speed so eye movement couldn't happen 

Results- pictures shown to the right visual field ll pps could say or write what it was no problem, however when shown to left split brain couldn't say or write wht they had seen but could however select a corresponding related image but not know why.

Conclusion- Shows that different areas of the brain specialise in different functions. The left can convert sight into spoken and written language. Usually information entering right crosses to be processed in left however this can't happen in split brain, however right hemisphere can produce a non-verbal response

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Split brain research Sperry (1968) Evaluation


  • Case studies was used so obtained qualiative and quantitative data
  • Using both research methods increased reliability and validity 


  • 11pps is a small sample - hard to generalise 
  • Epilepsy is usually caused by brain damage and the medication could of also affected their brains
  • Low ecological validity as the experiment was artifical 
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