Localisation of function

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  • Localisation Of Function - Somatosensory And Motor Areas
    • Motor Area
      • Localised in the frontal lobe of both hemispheres
      • Anterior to the central sulcus
      • Responsible for the planning and execution of voluntary motor movement through hr control of skeletal muscles
    • Soma-atosensory Area
      • Localised in the parietal lobe of both hemispheres
      • Posterior to the central sulcus
      • Responsible for skin sensation in cluding touch, pressure, temperature.
    • Upside down, contralateral representation
      • Information from the BOTTOM of the LEFT side of the body is processed at the TOP of the RH
    • Cortical Space
      • Parts of the body requiring greatest sensitivity (fingertips)
        • Have the larger areas of the cortex dedicated to their control


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