Linguistics = German language - study of the structure of language

Language acquisition:

  • process begins very early 
  • by the age of 4 most children have learnt a language - not tied to intelligence
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Sub-fields of Linguistics

  • Phonetics - individual units of sound e.g. articulatory
  • Phonology - combining different sounds - sound systems
  • Morphology - formation of words - combination of morphemes
  • Syntax - where words are placed in clauses - word order
  • Semantics - meaning of linguistic structures
  • Pragmatics - context / language in use 

Phonology: voiced or unvoiced

Morphemes = stem 

Derivational morphology - 2 morphemes or more added together making a word with new meaning 

Inflectional morphology - a morpheme and something else e.g. a suffix to create a new word with a new meaning e.g. singular to plural

Syntactic catagories - nouns, verbs, adjectives

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