Sophie von La Roche


Sophie von La Roche

  • 1730-1807
  • 1806 - End of the HRE
  • Rise of the middle classes (merchants) 14th - 19th Century - decline of feudal system
  • Industrial Revolution - changes way people produce goods
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German Englightenment

  • each country tries to give its own enlightenment
  • a French European movement
  • Kant - 1724-1804
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  • sensitivity
  • people weeping and breaking down in tears
  • associated with the rise of the middle classes - want to see their own morality reflected
  • people are touched/moved (feelings)
  • Bürgelichestauerspiel - tragic, emotions become available to middle classes
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Sophie von La Roche

  • first nivel written in German, in the form of letters
  • importing English genre into German literature
  • becomes famous writer 
  • becomes famous FEMALE writer
  • writes a journal specifically for women (Pomona für Teutschlands Töchter)
  • she is thematising women's access to the public sphere
  • 1778 - travel diary written by here as a result of division of labour which meant women only do domestic work and have no imagination
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Travel Writing

  • reporting back from a place nobody else can go to
  • substituting from somebodys journey
  • writing about life experiences on the journey
  • personal
  • some are impersonal - e.g. written for people who will travel there afterwards
  • sentimental journey 
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