Functions of Animal Communication

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Animals use siganls and sounds to communicate a warning of danger, for protection and for defence.

For example:

  • Meercats all work together and make noise to fight/scare off a predator
  • Magpies use distinctive chattering to warm other magpies against predators
  • Rabbits thump their paws to warn of other predators 
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Animals use communication to attract the attention or a future mate or to solidify pair-bonds.

For example:

  • A peacock will spread its feathers to attract a mate
  • Some male birds of paradise engage in a complex dance in order to attract a female
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Animals use signals to defend or claim territory.

For example:

  • A dog urinates to mark its territory
  • Wild boars leave marks on trees 
  • Birds sing songs
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Animals use food calls to inform other animals that food has been found.

For example:

  • The waggle dance of the honeybee
  • Ants rubbing chemicals on each other to let them know where food is
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