learning theory

the main points of the learning theory

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classical conditioning

associating objects with emotions such as associating mum with happiness as shes a source of food

  • mum is a neutral stimulus when the baby is born
  • unconditioned stimulus something that makes us happy
  • unconditioned responce to the unconditioned stimulus (happiness)
  • neutral stimulus is related to the unconditioned stimulus (food) by the baby, forming a conditioned stimulus
  • conditioned responce happiness due to the conditioned stimulus- happiness because mum is a source of food
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operant conditioning

  • any behaviour that is followed by a positive outcome is more likely to be repeated
  • behaviour is positively reinforced to make it more likely to happen again- food is a good reinforcer
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biological drives

  • things we are are motivated to satisfy such as hunger
  • we are reinforced when we satisfy this drive as it removes the unpleasent feeling
  • food reinforces by:

     -positive reinforcment as food is nice

     -removes unpleasent feelings such as hunger

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