League of Nations - Economic Depression 1929

the League of Nations and how it was effected by the Depression in 1929

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Economic Depression

  • In the late 1920s there had been a boom in the worlds trade
  • America was the richest country in the world and this was driving the world's economy
  • Most other countries borrowed loans from the USA and from this trade many countries were too becoming richer
  • This meant there was less tension between countries as they were happily trading with each other
  • However, in 1929 there was an economic disaster
  • In the USA the Wall Street Crash brought about a long depression that caused economic problems throughout the world
  • It damaged trade and industry of many countries and effected the relations between them
  • It also lead to political changes within countries and most of the goodwill and optimism of the 1920s was gone
  • This meant that many countries had there own problems to deal with including poverty, loss of trade and industry and high unemployment so they were concentrating more on solving these issues rather than those of the League of Nations
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