The Manchurian Crisis

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  • China:  Was a weak country. There had been chaos between the Chinese warlords for control since the death of the last Chinese Emperor in 1911.
  • Japan:  was a strong country. It had taken over Korea in 1910 and wanted more power!!
  • 1929 - World Economic Depression: Japan’s trade had slumped (USA was its main trading partner). Japan’s industry was near to collapse and it needed essential raw materials. China was still in chaos.
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  • An explosion took place on the South Manchurian Railway Line (owned by Japan).  Who could have done this?  
  • Japan immediately sent troops into China and forced the Chinese troops away from the railway line areas.
  • February 1932: A Japanese puppet government was set up in Manchuria. The Japanese claimed that China were unable to control the area. China asked the League of Nations for help.
  • The League first crisis: The League was worried –Japan was a leading member with a permanent seat on the Council. Japan could VETO any decision made by the League.The League followed its rules and told Japan to take her troops out of Manchuria. Japan ignored!
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  • March 1933 - Japan left the League.
  • 1937 – Japan invaded China.
  • The League imposed Economic Sanctions on Japan, but Japans main trading partner was the USA!

Countries impose sanctions

  •  Britain was worried about imposing economic sanctions on Japan. Britain made a lot of money from trading with Asian countries and didn’t want to affect this!!What should the League do next?
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  • The league did NOTHING else and unsurprisingly Japan kept control of Manchuria and invaded further into China.
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Impact of this crisis on the LON

  • It showed the LON was poorly organised as it took a year to decide what to do.
  • The permanent members (Japan was one) could VETO action suggested by the council
  • It showed that the LON was powerless. It didn’t impose sanctions as they felt the USA would continue to trade with Japan & they did not have a standing army to use force.
  • USA not being a member undermined the LON power.
  • Europe was watching –Mussolini & Hitler would make future decisions on foreign policy based on this failure
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