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Lam - Cognitive therapy for bipolar affective diso

The aim of this study was to test whether patients with bipolar affective disorder could be helped with cognitive therapy to prevent relapses.

The participants were 103 patients with Bipolar disorder according to the DSM, who experienced frequent relapses despite using mood stabilisers. 

The method was a single-blind randomised controlled study with an independent measures design.

The procedure involved randomly placing patients into the CT group or the control group via computer generator. Both the control and CT groups received mood stabilisers and regular psychiatric follow-up.

Assessors, blind to the conditions, assessed the patients at 6 month intervals against the DSM criteria for a relapse, and monthly depression scores, and questionnaires about levels of social functioning. 

The results showed that the CT group had significantly fewer bipolar episodes (relapses). The CT group also had significantly higher social functioning. The CT group through the 12 months also showed fewer mood symptoms on the monthly questionnaire. 

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