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Discuss the question of Free Will and Determinism in respect of human behaviour (22 marks)

There are two extreme positions that can be taken in the debate between free will and determinism
and their effects on thoughts/emotions/behaviour; humanism and hard determinism. Humanism is a
psychological approach that suggests that all…

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the phallic stage, when the child internalises the same sex parent's moral values and beliefs. In terms
of a weak superego, a negative relationship between a child and their same sex parent will result in
the child being unable to internalise the parent's moral values. This results in an adult…

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much more difficult to define, measure and test than determinism, therefore making it the less
supported belief among psychologists. Free will can be argued to exist through our `conscious
decision making' that we undergo on a daily basis, for example choosing which clothes to wear in the
morning or whether…




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