Kinematics of Recteliner Motion!

A quick game of memory to help you learn the 5 formulars for the KoRM in Mechanics

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The Symbols

Velocity is Speed with a direction.
Discplacement is Distance with a direction.
Backwards Acceleration is called Retardation.

u = Starting Velocity (ms^-1)
v = End Velocit (ms^-1)
t = Time (s)
s = displacement (m)
a = Acceleration (ms^-2)

**In some Questions "s" is "h" for hight and "a" is "g" for gravity. Be careful with signs, if throwing upwards a will be -9.81 (as gravity is 9.81 and you are going against it!).

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What is the basic formular involving v, a, t & u? NO "S"

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What is the basic formular with NO "V"?

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I haven't quite finished this yet! I will get to it soon!


s=ut isnt a formula???


s=ut is distance speekd time, but i will finish that one off soon anyway :)

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