Edexcel AS Maths Mechanics Vectors and Motion Notes

Just some notes I made for myself to remember the principles and the key points for vectors and motion.

I hope you find this useful. I should be posting up the 'Statics, Dynamics and Moments' notes up soon, too.

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M1 Vectors and Kinematics Key Notes
Scalar Magnitude
Vector Magnitude and Direction
Vectors are added by using the triangle law of
addition. In other words, you draw the vectors
from `tip-to-tail' and draw in the resultant.
In terms of i and j notation,
Resultant = Xi + Yj
If particle A has position vector rA and particle B has position vector rB, then the
position vector of B relative to A is rB - rA
If particle A has velocity vector vA and particle B has velocity vector vA, then
the velocity vector of B relative to A is vB - vA
For a particle with constant acceleration:
For Velocity-Time graphs, the AREA under the graph
in a given time interval is the DISTANCE travelled.
The GRADIENT of the graph is the ACCELERATION
of the moving particle.


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