Khrushchev 1953-1964

Khrushchev's policies and failures

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  • Reduction in censorship
  • Political prisoners released
  • Towns and cities renamed eg. Stalingrad became Volgagrad
  • Less centralised industry planning
  • Soviet citizens allowed abroad


  • Distance himself from Stalin-a new type of leader.
  • Peaceful co-existence with the West
  • To introduce major economic change
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More focus on consumer goods; watches, cars, motorbikes. Move away from heavy industry

Sovnarkhozy set up (regional economic councils) less centralised industry

These meant that:-

  • spending on welfare services increased
  • Standard of living was better but still well below that experienced in UK, USA, West Germany
  • An increase in real wages
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Virgin lands Scheme (VLS) :-

  • Use land that had not been farmed before in areas such as-Kazakhstan and Siberia (obviously there was a good reason why they hadn't been farmed before-they weren't suitable!)
  • Grow animal feed here and then grain could be used to feed deprived citizens


  • Infrastructure could not handle it, harvested crop was left on the side of the road and rotted
  • Poor weather-Hurricanes ripped fertile soil off farming land onto mountain sides
  • The land was farmed too intensively and was, after a few years, infertile.
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  • Public disliked him
  • Poilitburo disliked him
  • Many of his policies spent a lot of money and there was no reward, most of them failed
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