NATO & The Warsaw Pact

The key features of NATO and The Warsaw Pact


NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

  • It was formed in 1949
  • Its main members were USA, GB and France although other countries did join later on. The USA was formally committed to defending western Europe
  • Article 5: 'An attack against one is an attack against all'
  • Stalin saw NATO as an 'aggressive alliance' as the USA had built air bases in western Europe where nuclear weapons could be used against the USSR
  • Angered USSR when West Germany joined NATO in 1955 which lead to the formation of the Warsaw Pact




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The Warsaw Pact

  • Formed in 1955 when West Germany joined NATO
  • Formed under new leader Nikita Khrushchev (1953-1964)
  • Was officially a defence organisation
  • Eastern Europe signed a military alliance of communist states but it was used to control communist governments in eastern Europe
  • The Red Army was based in all Warsaw Pact countries
  • Dissolved in 1991 when the Cold War ended. It was no longer relevant
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