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I-WCLR-1P   -   Infant has Warm, Continuous Loving Relationship with One Person

2WP-MAC   -   Two-Way Process, Mother Attached to Child

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IAMC-AB-SR/LR   -   Infant Attached to Main Caregiver, Attachment Broken, can happen in Short Run Or Long Run

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INA-LS   -   Infant Not Attached, Lacks almost all types of Socialisation

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B-NTS-RG-B-PTG   -   Behaviour shows Need To Survive to Reproduce Genes, Behaviour Passed Through Genes

SF-A&B-MC-S   -   Survival of the Fittest - Attach and Bond to Main Caregiver for Survival

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S&D   -   types of Separation and Deprivation

C-CF-SOP-SPD   -   Child id Cared For by Someone Other than Parent, Some Part of the Day

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Separation Anxiety

SFAF-CSC&SD-DAF-I   -   when Separated From Attachment Figure, Child Seeks Comfort And Shows Distress, which Draws Attachment Figure to Infant

USM   -   a Useful Survival Mechanism

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