Criminological Psychology: Key Terms

A quick mind-map on the key terms of Criminological Psychology :) There is a matching quiz and wordsearch and I have other mind-maps for other areas of Criminological Psychology :) Good Luck with your revision :D

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  • Criminological Psychology: Key Terms
    • Crime is behaviour that is against the law in your society or community.
    • Recidivism is the repetition of a crime that you have been punished for.
    • Antisocial behaviour is behaviour that is deemed disruptive or dangerous to other people. Not necessarily illegal.
    • Modelling is the process by which you imitate the behaviour of a role model.
    • Stereotyping is when you create a view of someone or something without knowing about it first.
    • Eye witness testimony is the account of an event or incident given by an individual who saw the event or incident with their own eyes.
  • I have other mind maps for other aspects of Criminological Psychology :)


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