Key 5: Grammar- Word Classes

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Nouns- Naming words.

Proper Nouns- The names of people or places. e.g. Will, London

Common Nouns- All over nouns. e.g. Dog, Wrench

Concrete Nouns- Names of objects you can physically touch. e.g. Table, Wall, Chicken

Abstract Nouns- Names of things that are intangiable. e.g. Thought, Love, Memory 

Collective Nouns- Names of groups of people or animals. e.g. Flock of sheep school of fish


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Adjectives- Describing words.

Premodifiers- Adjectives that come before the noun. e.g. The silver car.

Postmodifiers- Adjectives that come after the noun. e.g. The car was silver.

Comparative Adjectives- Adjectives which compare usually with the er- suffix. e.g. Bigger, Louder

Superlative Adjectives- Adjectives which descirbe extremes. e.g. Highest, Loudest, Biggest

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Verbs- Doing words.

Primary Verbs- Be, have and do

Dynamic Verbs- Physcial actions. e.g. Jump, Run, Rub

Stative Verbs- Conditons of being or states of being. e.g. Remeber, Think

Infinative Verbs- Verbs with to before them. e.g. to run, to rember, to jump

Regular Verbs- Past tense is formed by adding the ed- suffix. e.g. Walked, Rubbed, Remebered

Irregular Verbs- Past tense is not formed by adding the ed- suffix. e.g. Ran, Thought

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Adverbs- Words which modify a verb or adjective.

Modifying Adjectives e.g. The car was very red.

Modifying Verbs e.g. The boy ran quickly.

Adverbs of Manner- How?  e.g. Angrily.

Adverbs of Time- When?  e.g. Now, Then.

Adverbs of Frequency- How Often? e.g. Always, Sometimes.

Adverbs of Place- Where? e.g. Downstaris, Outside.

Adverbs of Degree- Intersifiers e.g. Very, So.

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Pronouns- Substitute nouns.

1st Person Singular- I

1st Person Plural- We

2nd Person Singular- You

2nd Person Plural- You

3rd Person Singular- He/She/It

3rd Person Plural-They

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Prepostion- Conserns the relationship or position.

Place- At, on, in

Time- At, before

Direction- Towards, past, through

Comparison- As, like

Source- from

Purpose- for

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Determiners- Come before nouns and premodifiers but not as descriptive as adjectives.

Definite Article- The

Indefinite Article- A/an.

Possessive determiners- My book, his book.

Demonstrative determiners- look at this book, look at that book.

Cardianal determiners- One book.

Ordinal determiners- First Position.

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Conjunctions- the linking words.

Coordinating conjunctions- link things of equal value e.g. and, but, or.

Subordinating conjunctions:

Time- When, while, before.

Place- Where, wherever.

Reason- because, as, since.

Condition- if unless, whether.

Contrast- although, while, whereas.

Comparison- as, than, like.

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