Karma and Rebirth- Link between Lives

Chittamatran ideas

  • we have one consciousness with 8 forms- the six senses, the seventh form being discrimination/judgement and the eighth being Alaya
  • Alaya- a 'storehouse consciousness'.
  • It stores karmic seeds
  • it survives death of the body and is reborn
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Therevadan ideas

  • believe we have a subtle type of consciousness
  • Bhavanga- the state of mind the same as when we are sleeping
  • it arises at conception
  • the link between lives is immediate and there are no gaps
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Vajayanan ideas

  • believe we have two types of mind

-primordial- true, remains pure

- conditioned- it is deluded

  • at death, we revert to the primordial mind
  • there is a chance for enlightenment, but most deluded minds dont see it, so they get reborn instead
  • the rebirth isnt instant however
  • you enter the bardo state
  • can last up to 49 days
  • Tibetan meditation practices prepare the mind for the bardo state
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