Kapp Putsch


What was the Kapp Putsch (1920)?

  1. Bloodthirsty ex-soldiers who had recently come home from the Great War.
  2. Savage
  4. Blamed government for losing the war.
  5. Right-Wing conservative organisation
  6. They hated the Spartacus League because they blamed them for stirring up trouble in Germany towards the end of the war.
  7. Brutal
  8. Did not like the Treaty of Versailles, many had been forced to leave the army.
  9. This trouble was the major reason for Germany's defeat.
  10. Helped President Ebert put down Spartacist Uprising (1919)

Due to Germans hating the Treaty of Versailles it posed a great threat on the Weimar Republic.

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Who was Kapp?


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Why did he stage an Uprising?

  • Many Germans resented the Treaty
  • The army hated the restrictions placed on it
  • Blamed the government for signing the Treaty
  • The army was reduced, but many of the soldiers joined the Freikorps
  • Did not like Ebert for signing the Treaty
  • When the government tried to disband the Freikorps, units led by Wolfgang Kapp marched into Berlin and declared a new national government.
  • Because the Allies told them that they haven't done enough to get the amount of men in the army down to 100,000.
  • Ebert's government had returned to Berlin after its successes in the first elections, but now was forced to flee to Dresden.
  • Aims: establish strong leadership and opposed Versailles. 
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Reasons for Failure

  1. Lack of leadership- General Ludendorff supported Kapp, but other army leaders did not.
  2. Putsch centred on Berlin- didn't spread to rest of Germany.
  3. Weimar Government continued- able to relocate to Dresden.
  4. People tired of revolution- Spartacist uprising occured 1919.
  5. General Strike.
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Similarities between Spartacists and Kapp Putsch?

  1. Led by charmistic, political extremists.
  2. Disliked government and aimed to overthrow it.
  3. Centred in Berlin
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Differences between Spartacists and Kapp Putsch?

  1. Spartacists were anti-war, Kapp putsch supported the army
  2. Kapp was a monarchist, Spartacists wanted a communist revolution.
  3. Kapp enjoyed support of the Freikorps.
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