The Kapp Putsch

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Kapp Putsch

  • In March 1920, the allies insisted two brigades of Freikorps be break up but, they refused.
  • Kapp tried to overthrow the Weimar Republic and put the government back to how it was before the war.
  • Some of the Freikorps (led by Kapp) took over Berlin to form another government and government was forced to flee to Dresden.
  • Ebert tried to make the army put down this revolution but they did nothing.
  • Ebert called on workers to stage a general strike.
  • Kapp and Luttwitz (leaders of Freikorp brigades) gave up after 4 days and fled from Berlin.
  • The Putsch collapsed.
  • The government returned to Berlin but didn't punish those involved in the Kapp Putsch as many judges sympathised with people like Kapp.
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