a comprensive set of notes on justice in political philosophy, looking at different perspectives from different ideologies like liberalism, socialsm and conservatism.

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key terms

substantive justice: this is about the content or substance of the decision and involves normative principles. pricicples with standards/norms. such as equality of need, desert and rights.

Substance: this notion of 'substance' is sometimes used to describe what persists while attributes (like the hardness or shape of Descartes wax) can change. think about 'he has substance'

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relationship between law & liberty

  • the nature of our law depends on where it comes from such as from God or if the law is part of human beings nature.
  • 'natural law' theory -law should promote moral/religious standards. this is the 'substantive' concept its aimed at particular outcomes. Law all depends on the moral values that are held.
  • and liberal values are! life, liberty, property, as much privacy and possible and -ve lib. for happiness
  • or in a religious land such as where Shariah law is. more intervention from law to develop +ve libs. e.g. burkah
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Natural law does not necessarily have to promote religious values. Aquinas and the Catholic Church would say that Natural law is completely rational, therefore everyone should be able to see them Independent of a Religious understanding.

good definitions of substance and substantive justice

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