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Rawls: Distributive Justice

Justice as fairness/Distributive justice

Based on the idea that society is a system of cooperation for mutual advantage between
individuals, principles of justice should "define the appropriate distribution of the benefits
and burdens of social cooperation."

Justice is the most important political value as it applies to…

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b. attached to offices and positions open to all under condition of fair and equal
Rawls argues that we would elect for the Difference Principle (2.a) so that inequalities would
be to everyone's benefit but his "maximise the minimum" approach makes just as much
sense as maximising the average…

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In contrast, justice according to equality, need, or desert depends on "pattern" of

E.g. Adele in concert

People are "endsinthemselves" and we cannot use them in ways they do not agree to,
even if it would lead to some "greater good" e.g. people getting what they need.

Redistribution violates…

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