Jekyll and Hyde chapter summaries


Chapter 1- Story of the door

A Sunday, 18--

  • introduction to Mr Utterson, lawyer and friend of Jekyll's
  • not popular
  • fair and kind
  • introduction to Mr Enfield, popular socialite
  • introduction to Mr Hyde's 'house'
  • Mr Enfield tells Mr Utterson about Mr Hyde
  • Mr Hyde trampled over a small girl
  • Mr Hyde pays Mr Enfield and the girl's family to not make a scandal
  • pays with a cheque signed by Dr Jekyll
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Chapter 2- Search for Mr Hyde

That evening

  • Mr Utterson looks at Dr Jekyll's will
  • all of his stuff is to be left to Mr Hyde
  • goes to see Dr Lanyon
  • Dr Lanyon says Dr Jekyll was 'wrong in mind'
  • disagreed over scientific arguments
  • turning point- 'if he be Mr Hyde, I shall be Mr Seek' (Mr Utterson takes control, becomes the detective)
  • Mr Utterson meets Mr Hyde- next morning
  • Mr Utterson goes to Dr Jekyll's house
  • not home
  • talks to Poole, the butler
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Chapter 3- Dr Jekyll was quite at ease

Fortnight later

  • Dr Jekyll has a party
  • Mr Utterson stays behind
  • they talk about the will
  • Dr Jekyll insists he is in control
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Chapter 4- The Carew Murder Case

Nearly a year later, October 18--

  • maid goes to window
  • sees Mr Hyde batter a man to death with a club
  • man is Carew
  • has a high position
  • they go to Hyde's house
  • nice things in the house
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Chapter 5- Incident of the letter

Late in the afternoon

  • Mr Utterson visits Dr Jekyll in his laboratory
  • Dr Jekyll says Mr Hyde will 'never more be heard of'
  • Dr Jekyll says he has recieved a letter and wishes to leave it in Mr Utterson's hands
  • Dr Jekyll says it was Hyde who wrote the will
  • Mr Utterson shows the letter to his clerk
  • Clerk says Dr Jekyll's and Mr Hyde's handwriting is almost identical, except differently sloped
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Chapter 6- Remarkable Incident Of Dr Lanyon

Three months later

  • tales come out of Hyde's cruelty
  • Mr Utterson calms down
  • Dr Jekyll starting seeing his friends again, doing charity work, more involved with religion
  • 8th January- Utterson dines with Jekyll and Lanyon, friendship appears rekindled
  • 12th, 14th January- Utterson attempts to see Dr Jekyll, is denied entry
  • 15th January- tries again, denied again
  • dines with Guest and goes to Dr Lanyon, he is ill, his appearance has dramatically changed, has had a shock, and fallen out with Jekyll
  • Utterson writes to Jekyll
  • recieves a reply telling Utterson to leave Jekyll alone
  • Dr Lanyon dies
  • Utterson reads a letter given to him by Dr Lanyon, it contains a new will, he decides not to read it and puts it in the safe
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Chapter 7- Incident at the window


  • Mr Utterson goes walking with Mr Enfield
  • came across the door again
  • saw Jekyll
  • he is ill
  • he can't leave the house
  • leaves the window very suddenly
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Chapter 8-The Last Night

One evening, March

  • Poole goes to see Mr Utterson
  • he is afraid
  • they go to Jekyll's house
  • they break down the door
  • Jekyll has been trying to get hold of some chemicals
  • Hyde is inside
  • he is dead
  • Jekyll not here
  • Utterson goes home to read letters
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Chapter 9- Dr Lanyon's narrative

Back in line, 9th January

  • Lanyon recieves a letter from Jekyll
  • told to go to Jekyll's house
  • take home a drawer and all its contents
  • give it to Hyde
  • Hyde makes a potion and drinks it
  • turns into Jekyll
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Chapter 10- Henry Jekyll's full statement of the c

Written just before his death

  • we 'become' Mr Utterson as we are reading the letter at the same time as him
  • 'discovers' man has a dual nature, to do things he couldn't do them as Jekyll but could do them as Hyde so wanted to be both
  • he created a drug that allowed him to change into hyde, also created a drug to change to Jekyll
  • Hyde was pure evil, he liked looking at Hyde, while others would repulse
  • Jekyll tells his servants that Hyde would have the same power as him in the house, he thought he was safe as he could get rid of Hyde at any time
  • He began to lose control of Hyde, one night he goes to bed as Jekyll and wakes up as Hyde
  • felt he had to choose so decides to kill himself
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