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chapter 1: story of the door!

Summary! Chapter 1:

Mr Utterson is a welthy, well-respected london lawyer.  A reserved and pherhaps even a boring man who nevertheless inspires a strange fondantness in thoes who know him. Despite his eniter respictability, he never abandoned a friend whoes reputation has been sullied or ruined. Uttersons nurtures a close friendship with Mr. Enfield, his didtsnt relative and likewise a respectable london gentleman.  Two seem to have little in common, and when they take their weekley walk together, they ofen go quite a distant without talking to eachother; nevertheless,  they look forward to thoes strolls as one of the high points of the week!

By Suki Hague>

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Chapter 2: Search for Mr Hyde

Summary: Chapter 2:

Utterson promped by his converstation with Enfiend, goes home to study a will that he drew up for his close friend Dr. Jekyll. It states that in the event of death ot a dissaperance of Jekyll, all of his property goes to Mr. Edward Hyde, immediatly. This strange will long troubled Utterson, but now that he has heard something about hydes behaviour, he becomes more upset and feels convinced that Hyde has some peculiar power over Jekyll. Seeking to unravel the mystery, he pays a visit to Dr. Lanyon, a friend of Jekyll's. But Lanyon has never heard of Hyde and  his fallen out of communication with Jekyll as a result of a professional dispute. Lanyon refers Jekyll's most recent line of research as "Unscientific Balderdash"

By Suki Hague>

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chapter 3: jekyll was quiet atease!

Summary: Chapter 3

Two weeks later, Jekyll throws a well-attended dinner party. Utterson stays late so that the two men can speak privatly. Utterson tells and mentiones the will, and Jekyll begins to make a joke about it. But he turs pale when Utterson tells him that he has been learning something of young Hyde! Jekyll explaines the situation with Hyde is expectable and cannot be solved by talking. He also insists that " the moment i choose, i can be rid of Mr Hyde". But Jekyll emphrases the great intrests he currently takes in Hyde and his desire to continue to provide for him. He makes Utterson promise that he will carry out his will and testement.

By Suki Hague>

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