Islam: The six beliefs


Who follows the Six Beliefs?

The six beliefs are accepted by Sunni Muslims.

Shi'a Muslims accept the ideas of them but refer to them differently in the Five Roots of 'Usul ad-din'

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Belief: Malaikah - The belief in angels

Angels who are obedient to Allah's commands. Allah sends messages though them which are delivered to prophets.

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Belief: Authority of Kutab - Holy Books

The main holy book for muslims is the Qur'an

They also recognise Sahifah, Tawrat and Injil as holy books

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Belief: Tawhid - The belief in the oneness of Alla

Muslims accept there is only one God

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Belief: Nubuwwah - Prophethood following the proph

Muslims recognise prophets of Allah. 

The nature and importance of prophethood for Muslims is called Risalah

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Belief: Belief in Al-Qadr

Muslims believe Allah knows everything.

Although humans have freewill, Allah knows what will happen.

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Belief: Akhirah - Teachings about life after death

Muslims believe there is an afterlife.

They believe there is a day of Judgement when every human will be judged by Allah on their actions on earth.

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How are the six beliefs expressed today?

  • Muslims recite the Tawhid in their prayers each day
  • They look to the Qur'an for advice to help them understand their faith
  • They live their lives aware of the Day of Judgement
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What is the purpose and importance of the six beli

  • To unite all Sunni muslims
  • To help them understand their religion better
  • Teach Sunni Muslims how they should live their lives
  • They support what beliefs they should have
  • The belifs are contained in the Kitab al-Iman. They are important because they are fundamental beliefs of the faith and they hope to be true.
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