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The Six Beliefs

“He neither begets nor is born” - Shows that Allah has always been there and has no parents or children.

“We enjoined on Abraham, Moses and Jesus” - Shows that Allah sent prophets such a s Musa and Isa.

“We revealed the Taurat in which was guidance and light” - Shows that Muslims believe in many holy books but the Qu’raan is the only one that has not been changed.

“Who made the angels, messengers with wings” - Shows that angels are messengers of Allah but do not have free will.

“Shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good, see it!” - Shows that Allah has knowledge of everything that will happen.

“He knows what is in every heart” - Shows that there will be a day when everyone will be judged to decide if they go to heaven or hell.

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The Five Roots of the Usul-ad-din

“He is God, One , God, the Eternal Refuge” - Shows that there is one God and He is unique without any equals. Tawhid.

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The Nature of Allah

“Worship God and shun false gods” - Shows Tawhid as it Shows God is the greatest so Muslims should only worship Him.

“we are closer to him than his jugular vein” - Immanence. Shows that Allah knows how Muslims feel without them having to pray to him.

“He has power over all things” - Omnipotence. Shows how Allah has the power to protect Muslims when they face problems.

“Lord’s generosity is not resricted” - Beneficience. Shows how Allah is generous and willing to help Muslims as He cares for them.

“My mercy embraces all things” - Mercy. Shows how Allah will forgive Muslims when they have done wrong if they are repentant.

“if you judge people, you must do so with justice” - Just and Fair. Shows that when Muslims have been wronged, they will be supported by Allah.

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“we make no distinction between them” - Shows how Allah views all prophets as equal so Muslims should follow his example.

“bless him too and give him greetings of peace” - Shows that Muhammad has an honoured status so should be praised over other prophets.

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“The Qu’raan is nothing less than a revelation that is sent to him” - Shows that the Qu’raan is a blessed scripture and the entire text remains unchanged from when it was first given to Muhammad.

“We revealed the Taurat in which was guidance and light” - Shows that Muslims believe the Torah contains many good teachings.

“They were messengers of good news and warning” - Shows that Muslims believe holy books before the Qu’raan are earlier forms of revelations.

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“Everything...obeys Allah, as do the angels” - Shows thatthe angels obey Allah and what he says.

“They are not puffed up with pride” - Shows that angels are humble so they do not go against God’s judgement.

“They fear their Lord above them” - Shows that the angels respect Allah and His authority.

“do everything they are ordered to do” - Shows that angels do not have free will so they do what Allah tells them to do.

“If anyone is an enemy of...His angels...God is certainly an enemy of such unbelievers” - Shows that Muslims must believe in all angels and respect them.

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“Every human being is free to choose between good and evil” - Shows that humans have free will weekend though Allah has a plan for them.

“If God willed it, He could have guided all mankind” - Shows that God willingly gave humans free will and he didn’t have to do it.

“Some things are predetermined and unchangeable” - Shows how Allah predestines all of His creation including the Universe.

“God regulates all things” - Shows how Allah has power over everything.

“So he gives what has been decided for him even if he would not desire to give it to Me” - Shows that Allah doesn’t like it when we suffer even though he predestines it for us.

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“Then they will say ‘ Who will bring us back?’ Say ‘ The One who created you the first time’ “ - Shows that Allah will raise people up in the next life when their physical life has ended.

“On that Day people will be separated” - Judgement. Shows that Allah will split people into two group on the Day of Judgement : those who have been halal and those who have been haram.

“What a blessed reward! What a pleasant resting place!” - Jannah. Shows that Muslims believe paradise is a peaceful and pleasant place full of rejoicing so they should work towards it.

“The fire will scorch their faces and their lips will be twisted in pain” - Jahannam. Shows that Muslims believe hell has continuous suffering so they should not go there.

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