Irish Question post 1914


Easter Uprising

  • 1916 April  Easter Uprising= sixteen of uprisings leaders executed in MAY 1916- ultimately led to an increase in support of Irish Independence within Ireland. After uprising crushed the country remained under Martial law. About 3,500 people were taken prisoner by the British, and 1,800 of them were sent to internment camps or prisons in Britain. 
  • Ireland then set up it's own parliament Daíl and first President Eamonn de Valera - Sinn Fein 73/105 seats won in 1918 election, showing what a great change in atittude there had been due to the uprising crushing.


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Lloyd George's response

  • Caught between LIBS HR 4 Ireland and Tories (Unionist) strongly opposed 
  • Started with a tough policy, by imposing martial law Dec 1920 and sent in BLACK AND TANS (poorly disciplined ex-servicemen). Violence escalated, tarnishing LG reputation
  • IRA (led by Michael Collins) killed 9 british officers -> British army retaliated by killing 14 spectators and wounded 60 @ Croke Park 21st Nov 1920. Further increased support for the Irish Nats
  • War of Independence (Jan 1919-July 1921) 1,000 people killed in Ireland
  • JULY 1921 LG reversed his policy, opened negotiations with Sinn Fein. Agreed that Ireland was to be partitioned South having HR and North remaining part of the Union. 
  • THis^ is the Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921 
  • Victory of sorts for LG seen as Sinn Fein wanted all-ireland as a republic. 
  • Long term partition was a success, however, at the time = renewed violence 200 dead
  • LG blamed for it and coincided with other scandals (chanak, honours etc)
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