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Changing the attitudes to the war


During the course of the war there were natural changes in the nature of support...

However, support for the war remained strong throughout and indeed after.

Enthusiasm at the start ­ huge groups of people volunteering, bolstered by…

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o During 1917-18 however there were more industrial stoppages, many unofficial. With the
setting up a commission of inquiry by the government it drew attention to the key issue of
food prices
o The German U-boat campaign of 1916-18 had affected imports and there was a 6% decline
in consumption…

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o In general they exaggerated allied success and minimised those of the Germans, but
there tended to be no overt lies and some sense of the horrors of the trenches and
modern warfare was conveyed to the justification of the war or its conduct


The defence of the Realm…

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Mobilised the work force to meet state requirements
Became an offence for anyone to leave their job without employers permission
All strikes and lock-outs were forbidden
Overtime could be compulsory
Semi-skilled or unskilled labour could take the jobs of skilled men if the latter were in the

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Post war society


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