Inorganic Qualitative Analysis

The reactions which take place such for flame test, how to know which gas produced test for acid.

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Flame Test

A flame test is used to test for certain metal ion.

Potassium has the flame colour Lilac

Sodium has the flame colour Orange/yellow

Calcuim has the flame colour brick red

Magnesium has the flame colour Colourless

Barium has the flame colour green

Copper has the flame colour Blue - Green

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Test for Chloride, Bromide and Iodide

Add dilute nitric acid to make it acidic. Then add silver nitrate solution.

Chloride present has a white precipitate

Bromide present has a pale precipitate

Iodide present has a yellow precipitate

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Test for Acid

Add sodium bicarbonate.

The bubbles of gas that is produced turns limewater milky.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is produced

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Test for alkene

Add Bomine to solution if which is brown

if and alkene is present the solution turns colourless

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Test for ammonium ions

Add sodium hydroxide to an ammonium salt (solid or in solution), to produce ammonia gas.

In the warm you can test the gas comming off with the piece of damp red litmus paper.

Ammonia is an alkaline and turns the litmus paper blue.

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Test for sulphate ions

Make a solution of sulphate, add enough hydroloric acid to make it acidic

Add baruim chloride solution

The sulphate will produce a white precipitate of baium sulphate.

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Testing for Positive ions using precipiations

Add sodium hydroxide solution

Copper(II) sulphate - Blue precipiate

Iron(III) Chloride - Orange-Brown precipiate

Iron(II) Sulphate - Green precipiate

Magnesium sulpate - White precipiate

Zinc Sulphate - White precipitate

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Test for gases

Oxygen - relights a glowing splint

Carbon Dioxide - Turns limewater milky

Hydrogen - will 'pop' when lighted plint is held the mouth of the tube

Ammonia - turns damp red litmus paper blue

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