Inferential Statistics

Simple overview of inferential statistics, table method to help you remember which test is for what

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Table Method


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Table Method Continued

What test?

The pink headings are your chosen design (independent measures, repeated measures and correlation) and the purple headings are the type of data collected (nominal or ordinal).

To figure out what test you use, simply identify your design and data-type, the corresponding blue box is the test you would need to use.

For example, nominal data and independent measures design would require a chi-square test.

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Remembering the Table

There is a simple method to remember the table. This is the words in red.

'I read comics' corresponds with 'Independent measures design, repeated measures design and correlation'.

The first letter of each word is a reminder for the design/data/test.

The sentences can be changed to whatever helps you remember better.

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Model Answer


Identify the inferential statistical test that should be used to analyse the significance of the findings and explain why this test is appropriate.

I would use a (blue box) test because the data is (purple box on the same row) and it is (pink box in the same column) design.

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