writing a psychological report

key aspects of a report

  • abstract- a summary of the study covering the aims/hypothesis, methods/ porcedures, results and conclusions.
  • introdution/ aim- what the researchers want to investigate. this often includes a review of previous research, explaining why the researchers intend to conduct this particular study. the researchers may state thier predicitions in a hypothesis.
  • method- a detailed description of what the researcher did, providing enough informaion for replication of the study. included in this section are is information about the participants(sample), the testing environment, the procedures used to collect data, and any instructions given to the participants before (the brief) and afterwards (the debrief)
  • results- this section contains what the researchers have found, often called statistical data, which includes descriptive statistics (tables, averages and graphs) and inferential statistics (the use of statisitcal tests to determine how significant the results are)
  • discussion- the researchers offer explanations of the behaviours that they observed and might also consider the implications of the results and make suggestions for furture research
  • references- the full details of any journal articles or books mentioned.
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