Effects of WW2 on the USA

How did WW2 affect the American economy and American people?

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The USA and the Second
World War
How did the war affect the lives of US citizens?…read more

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How did the war affect US
Unemployment fall rapidly ­ Between early 1941
and the end of 1942 unemployment fell
dramatically because of the new jobs created by
the war e.g. ­ soldiers, ammunition factory
workers etc
More students entered work ­ The number of
16-19 year olds at work increased by 300%
The number of working mothers increased
dramatically - This led to an increase in juvenile
crime…read more

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There was strong
pressure upon
women to work;
the most famous
example was the
poster campaign
based upon the
character of Rosie
the Riveter…read more

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But at the end of
the war many
women were
persuaded to
give up work
and return to
family life…read more

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What about Black Americans?
How did the war improve their lives?…read more

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The impact of the war upon black
Black Americans joined army but there was
still segregation
Black Americans had to serve in separate units
Black women became nurses but could only
treat black soldiers…read more

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