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a brief explanation of what they are and what they do...

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they help you to create and edit images

Straight lines can be drawn with different properties - thickness or colour could be changed

common pre-defined shapes can be drawn with a tool. Fill and shading tools ket you change the colours and backgrounds of the object

you can change the size of any object by dragging one of the handles (round the outsides of the images). It is important to keep the proportions the same otherwise it could end up being squished or stretched

It is also possible to construct an image using different objects - it can be replaced with pretty much anything

Becasuse most vector graphics (except basic shapes) consist of basic objects, its easy to change the colour of certain parts of the graphic

Images can also be flipped, rotated, layered....

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what they can also do

  • bitmap packages can improve the quality of images - they can sharpen the image and make it clearer
  • you can manipulate colour - black and white, solorizing it - photo negative or by changing the hue value or you could even change the weather - snow - rain etc...
  • you can add objects using copying or using cloning ti remove objects
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CAD = computer aided design

used by manufacturer and engineers to create computerised designs of objects which they will then build

examples are bridges - buildings - cars

it is useaully vector based and thy are very powerful but require a lot of meory to run them

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CAD software does 4 main things

  • they can be designed in 2 dimensions - height and width and then processed back to 3 dimensional design. can be rotated to see how it would look from any angle
  • calculations can be performed - calcularting the space needed to drive a car in the circle. can also find the cost of the object based on a database of standard costs
  • some suggest suitable materials and components to do a particular job - hte materials needed to rebuild a greenhouse - strength of walls depend on size and weight of roof
  • some CAD software will stimulate how the object will perform under certain conditions - how much wind needed to blow a car on its side
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the pros of using CAD

  • designs can be created very quickly - especialy if the system has a library of standard components

  • designs can be changed and altered quickly and easily

  • good systems can produce high - resolution images that are almost life like

  • simulations help design better products fist time around, reduced production costs
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the cons of the using CAD

  • proffesional CAD systems require powerful hardware such as microcomputers with special chips
  • CAD software is very expensive
  • it is very complex - users need a lot of training
  • sometimes the simulatons dont work - millenium bridge closed becasue wobled when people walked on it
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