ICT systems

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  • ICT Systems
    • Programming Software
      • Compilers-coverts high level programming code such as C++ into code that the computer can execute.
      • Debuggers-Helps a programmer to identify 'bugs' in their code.
      • Interpreters- similair to a complier, however it converts each line of code sequentially rather than the entire code at once.
      • Linkers- a program that takes one or more objects generated by a compiler and combines them into a single executable program.
      • Editors-used to edit source code using only text.
    • Operating systems
      • They monitor and control the running of application software and hardware,
      • An operating system e.g. windows is responsible for saving, deleting,renaming, copying,and loading.
      • Interactive-controls the actions of a computer where processing is instant.
      • Multi-tasking-The majority of OS systems are multi-tasking allowing many processes to be formed at the same time.
      • Real-time-Controls the actions of a computer where the processing is almost instant or atleast within a set time frame.
      • Online-controls the actions of a computer where internet/online processing takes place.
      • Multi-user-Used on a network where more than one user is processing data at the same time.
    • User Interface
      • Graphical User Interface
        • Windows,icons,menus,pointers.
        • Takes up alot of memory and storage space.
        • Needs high resolution graphics.
      • Command line interface
        • Quick if you know the commands.
        • Doesnt need high resolution graphics
        • Usually no way of undoing mistakes.
      • Direct Neautral Interface
        • Often referred to as brain-computer interface.
        • The main application in this software is restoring hearing, eyesight,or physical movement.
    • Application Software
      • Designed to enable users to perform specific tasks.
      • It includes applications for creating managing information and data media content and communicating with others.
      • E.G. word processors e.g. writing letters.


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