ICT Chapter 1 - Let's Communicate


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What can your phone do?

Mobile phones have developed into smart phones. A smart phone is a phone offering advanced features e.g. send emails. A smart phone = a multifunctional device.

Choosing a phone

Picture resolution - refers to quality and deatil that can be shown on the screen of a mobile. The higher the resolution  the better the quality of the image displayed on-screen - measured in pixels.

Camera resolution - amount of detail that a camera picks up in one picture. The higher the resolution, the more detailthe camera pucks up.  But this means picture files can be very big - measured in megapixels.

Storage Capacity - amount of space the phone has in its internal memory to store apps, pictures, videos, sounds - measured in gigabytes.

Memory card - secondary storage device that allows users to store, back up, copy and remove files. SD or SDHC cards are most commononly used - measured in gigabytes.

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