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Satalite Communication

Satalites are used to beam data signals from one continent to another where the terrain makes it difficult to lay cables. It is intreasting to note that the communication between britan and America is via a cable laid on the ocean bed!  Because of the importance of this cable its whereabouts are kept secret to protect it from a terrorist attack!

Data signals from one continent to another are beamed up to the satalite in the orbit and then beamed back down to a satalite dish in another continent

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Many computers and other devices are now able to connect to the internet or comunicate with other computers in a local area network wirelessly. With wireless comunication, the data travels through the air rather than through cables.                                                       

Wireless networks enable people to connect wirelessly to the internet or to a network set up at home. This means they can work anywhere they can get a radio signal for their network. Many people, especially people who travel alot, need to acsess the internet regulerly. There are many public places where the internet can be acsessed wirelessly using a laptop, computer or any other wireless portable device such as a mobile phone or PDA. These places where you can acsess tge Internet using Wi-Fi are called hotspots

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Advantages and Disadvantages of wireless communica


  • You are not restricted to when you can work
  • You can work whilst on the move
  • Fewer/no trailling wires to trip over
  • It is easier to keep a working area clean when there are not as many wires in the way
  • No costs qsscosiated with sinking wires


  • The dangers of hackers reading messeges
  • There are areas where you CANNOT get a wireless network
  • There may be a danger to your health
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Modems are devices that enable a communication link to be set up between the computer and a medium such as a wire or a cable that is used to carry the data. There are two types of Modems.

Dialup Modem

This is a slower more old fashioned modem. When you log onto the Internet using a dialup modem, it dials the number of your internet service provider. You are then asked for your user-ID or screen name and a password. On providing this you are connected to the Internet!

Broadband Modem

Brodband Modems are the latest modems and offer connection to the Internet using a broadband link. Broadband is much faster than dialup and allows you to:

  • Use your phone at the same time
  • download files at high speed
  • watch online video
  • listen to online radio
  • watch TV programmes
  • surf the Internet very quickly
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A router is a device that enables a network to be connected to the Internet. They are frequently used in homes where several computers need to share a signle Internet connection, Wireless routers are very populor and allow wireless connection to the Internet by any computers in range 0f the router

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Bluetooth is a method used to transfer data over short distances short distances from fixed and mobile devices. For example, you could print a document using a laptop and a printer even though there were no wires between them. Other applications for Bluetooth include:    

  • wireless keyboards and mice avoid clutter on your desk and make the desk easier to clean
  • Wireless Headsets allowing you to use a mobile phone legally when driving      
  • Sharing Data such as voice,music,and videos wirelessly with others
  • Printing a picture from your camera phone
  • Listening to music using wireless headphones
  • Bluetooth webcames these are very small and can send a picture using bluetooth to a computer without wires! This snag is that it does not produce a really good picture and the range is fairly small
  • Children Games, Wii, PlayStation,Lego Mindostorms
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Bluetooth Advantages and Disadvantages


  • No wires needed- you can connect several devices such as printers, cameras,mobile phones,PDAs (without cables)
  • You can synchronize devices. For example you can ensure that your music collection on your computer and your MP3 player are the same. When you add more music to your computer, it can be added MP3 automatically. This keeps your music collection the same on both devices
  • It is very easy to use. In most cases no new hardware is needed and there is no new software to install


  • Can only be used over short distances
  • Relativly small bandwidth
  • There are health concerns similar to the use of mobile phones
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Geographical Information System (GIS)

A GIS is an ICT system that is used to capture, manage, anylase and display geographically refranced information

What  can you use a GIS for?

  • Determine how far it is from one place to another
  • see a bird's eye veiw of your house and its surroundings
  • plan the quickest route to  a place you want to go
  • veiw surroundings when you go to a new place or go on a holiday
  • look at the surrounding area where you are thinking of buying/renting a property
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Examples of GIS

  • Satalite navigation systems (can get navigation instructions as you drive, be directed to the nearest petrol station, locate hotels etc.)
  • Google Earth
  • Multimap (useful for maps and aerial veiw)
  • The AA (useful for finding route details from one place/postcode to another)
  • The energy saving Trust (site allows you to enter your postcode and tells you weather you could use a wind turbine to genarate your own electricity)
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Advantages and Disadvantages of GIS


  • Reduce fuel consumption (greener, as you dont get lost)
  • You can arrive at your destentation (without delay, wared about roadworks,traffic)
  • You can save money (choosing shortest route)
  • You can choose a hotel (by seeing exactly how far it is from the beach)


  • Satalite navigation ( can send you down very small and windy roads)
  • Satalite navigation systems ( difficult to use)
  • Sometimes the information is out of date
  • Satalite navigation (cause accidents, people start putting too much information into them whilst driving
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