Island in the Mediteranean Sea; third largest of the Balearles islands.

Great climate all year - 300 days sunshine, average 30 degress in summer.

Numerous beaches - 80 idyilic beaches, lots of beaches means mire choice; water sports; relaxation

Clubbing - San Antonio has 2 biggest clubs; Pacha, Amnesia, younger genration like to party and drink a lot; brings revenue for club

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Economic:      1 in 9 employed in tourism           

                     14.2% GDP in 2011                   

                      Tourist expenditure increased

                      Economic leakage: 80% of mooney leaves Jamaica

                      Overdependant on tourism

Social:            See traditional lifestyle

                      Mixing between local communities


                      Conflict between rich tourist and poor locals

Environmental: Ecotourism

                      Keep beach clean; 70-80% visit beaches

                      Investment in coral reef, local marine

                      Coastal erosion

                      Over fishing

                      Average tourists uses 645-2086 litres per night

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