Human Traffiking- UK Case Studies Citizenship

A collection of cards based on a case study of human traffiking in the UK.

Human Rights Abuses- Domestic Work/Abuse

Gheeta from India was traffiked ino forces labour by a family friend based in the UK, where she was terrorized for four years.

"He expected me to do all the housework for him as well as cook for him every day. He would shout at me if I made mistakes. Before long he started to hit me too."

She was forced to work at a local shop for 80 hours a week and give all her earnings to her trafficker.

"Things for really bad though after I found out my father had died. He told me that he could do anything he wanted to me now because there was no one to look after me. That's when he started ****** me. I tried to fight back but he threatened to stab me with a knife. Once when I ried to stop him he said he would kill me, chop me up and send the pieces to the family."

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Human Rights Abuses- Sexual Exploitation

Maryam was snubbed by her family when she refused to undergo female genital mutilation and a forced marriage.

She was picked up by the traffickers at age 13 and brought to a place where she was locked up in a basement and suffered repeated **** as a child prostitute.

At 19, possibly now being 'to old' for her trafficker's clients, he provided her with false documents and let her go. She tried to leave the country on those documents and was arrested and convicted. She served a ten month prison sentence.

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Human Rights Abuses- Forced Labour and Debt Bondag

Forced Labour

A group of Greek workers were brought to a place to pick daffodils for major retailers (including M & S).They had to work 10 hours a day in snow and rain, given dog and cat food to ea and lived in tents and unheated sheds. They were beaten and threatened at gunpoint before they managed to escape.

Debt *******

Jin Lau was found on the street and taken to the police station. He has been living and working in a restaurant, seven days a week, before he managed to run away. Jin was forced to work for free until he had paid off those who had arranged his families passage.

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Human Rights Abuses- What rights are being denied?

  • Domesic Work/Abuse: Gheeta is being denied her right of articles 3 and 4 of the Human Rights Act.
  • Sexual Exploitation: Maryam is being dentied her rights to article 3.
  • Forced Labour: The group of Greek workers are being denied their rights to article 4.
  • Debt *******: Jin Lai is being denied her rights to article 4.

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