Human Lifespan Development Keywords


Life stages

A number of distinct phases people pass through during their lives

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Gross motor skill

The ability to control and coordinate the movement of the large limbs of the body, e.g crawling, walking and running

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Fine motor skill

The ability to control and coordinate the movement of the hands and fingers, e.g writing, painting, tying shoelaces and holding a spoon.

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Language development

The process which children go through as they learn to communicate with others using words and speech

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Seeing things from only your own persprective or viewpoint

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To form an attachment with a parent/career

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A hormone produced in a womens ovaries that controls the development of sexual characteristics and stimulates changes in the reproductive organs 

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A hormone produced by the testes that controls the development of male sexual characteristics

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Abstract thinking

The ability to think about something that might not be there or even exist 

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Peer group

the social group a person belongs to which influences beliefs and behaviour

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The natural and permanent stopping of menstruation (periods), occuring usually between the ages of 45 and 55.

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Mid-life crisis

A dramatic period of self doubt caused by the passing of youth and the move into later adulthood.

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An illness that affects the brain and memory, and makes you gradually lose the ability to think and behave normally

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Role model

Someone whose behaviour and/or attitudes people try to copy because they admire them.

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Gender role

A role that is determined by a persons gender

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Manual work

Work that requires the use of physical skill.

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Non-manual work

Work that depends primarily on mental skills. 

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