How Succession Works

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Succession Definitions

Succession - the directional change in a community over time

Primary Succession - the development of a community on previously uncolonised ground

Secondary Succession - the development of a community on previously colonised ground that has had all organism destroyed

Deflected Succession - when stable ecosystem is prevented from developing by human activity. A plagioclimax develops instead and is different to the natural seral stages

Plagioclimax - the climax community when succession is stopped artificially

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How Succession Works

1) Pioneer species colonise bare ground and change the abiotic and biotic factors of the area over a period of time - eroding rock, increase water avaliability

2) As the abiotic and biotic changes occur, conditions become suitable for a different species which then out compete the pioneer species - A new seral stage develops

3) This new community changes the ecosystem again - soil depth may increase, nitrate content, decomposers and animal species may be introduced

4)The development of new seral stages continues until a stable climax community is reached - this is in equilibrium with the environment

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