How did the Treaty of Versailles establish peace?

AQA Modern World History GCSE based on the syllabus.

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The aims of the leaders at the Paris Peace Confere

  • Georges Clemenceau wanted to make sure that Germany would never invade France again and he also wanted to cripple the German industry. As the leader of France, he had to sympathise with his people - there was enormous damage done to France's land (most of the fighting happened there), people (two thirds of French soldiers were killed) and confidence.
  • David Lloyd George wanted trade to be possible with Germany in the future. However, he also wanted to make sure that Germany was made to pay, but in such a way that they will not want to attack again. There were thousands of British casualties in the war, so people wanted revenge. They wanted a harsh treaty, but not to the extent of the French.
  • Woodrow Wilson may be thought of as the least angry of the three leaders as the USA only joined the war in April 1917. He does, however, want to make sure that Germany will never invade France again. He also wants democracy in Germany.
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The Treaty of Versailles

  • Germany had to take blame for the war - article 231, the war guilt clause.
  • Germany's armed forces were reduced to 100,000 men, no conscription allowed, no aircraft or submarines, and only 6 warships.
  • The Rhineland was to be demilitarised by German troops.
  • Germany had to pay £6.6 billion in reparations.
  • Germany lost its empire - the areas around the world which used to be run by Germany were now called Mandates, which were to be run by the League of Nations.
  • An Anschluss between Austria and Germany was forbidden.
  • The League of nations was set up to keep world peace.
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