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The Treaty of Versailles
Four aims that the `Big Three' statesman had in common

To prevent another war breaking out
To contain Germany
Rebuild Europe
Compensate the victors

Motives and aims of Woodrow Wilson

Wanted to establish a just and long lasting peace between all countries involved, his 14 point…

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What were the terms of the treaty?

War guilt clause (clause 231) - If Germany accepted this all other terms could be enforced
Reparations of £6 billion
Army reduced to 100,00 men ­ conscription banned
0 tanks, planes, submarines
6 battleships
Germanys colonies given to allies
Rhineland demilitarised ­allied troops…

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What problems did the small nations created by the Treaties throw up?

Created an array of small nations that were easy targets for larger nations
Were viewed as tasty morsels by more powerful nations
Subject to attack because of weak stance
Inexperienced governments ­ didn't know how to deal with…


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