How did the cold war develop?

The three conferences

The iron curtain

The two telegrams

Truman doctine

Marshal plan

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Date of theTeharn Conference?

28th November- 1st December 1943

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Learders involved in the Tehran Conference?




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Agreements made in the Teharn Conference?

  • Roosevelt and Chruchill agrees to open up a second front by invading france in may 1944
  • It was also agreed that the USSR should have a 'sphere of influence' in Eastern Europe
  • They agreed to set up a United Nations after the war
  • Stalin agreed to invade Japan once Germany had been defeated
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Disagreement made in the Teharn conference?

  • They disagreed over the suture of Germany. USSR wanted to punish Germany whilst USA and Britain wanted a properous Germany if there was to be a peaceful Europe post war
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Date of the Yalta Conference?

4th-11th Feb 1945

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Leaders involved in the Yalta Conference?




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Agreements made in the Teharn Conference?

  • They agreed Germany would be divided into 4 zones: American, French, British and Soviet.
  • The capital, Berlin, was deep in the Soviet zone, they agreed Berlin would be divided aswell.
  • They agreed to hunt down and punish German leaders who were responsible for the genocide.
  • Agreed to join the new United Nations Organisation which would aim to keep peace after the war.
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Disagreement made in the Yalta conference?

  • The only real disagreement was about Poland. Stalin argued that Poland, in turn, could move its boarder westwards into German teritory. Churchill did not aprrove but there was nothing he could do as Stalins Red army was in total contol of both Poland and Eastern Germany. Roosevelt was also unhappy with Starlins plan.
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Date of the Potsdam Conference?

16th July- 2nd August 1945

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Leaders involved in the Potsdam Conference?

USA- Truman



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Agreement made in the Potsdam Conference?

  • They agreed on the previous details of the division and the de-nazification of Germany
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Disagreements made in the Potsdam conference?

  • Relationship between the USA and USSR deterated, because Truman replaces Roosevelt and had a strained relationship with Stalin
  • Stalin wanted to cripple Germany completly to aviod future war, USA wanted to protect it
  • USSR go the poorest zone of Germany, so they wanted reperations from the other 3 parts
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What was the Iron Curtain speech?

  • A speech in which Churchill warned Truman about the spread of communism and the Iron Curtain seperating Eastern and Western Europe.
  • Churchil made the speech in the USA as Britain could no longer afford to hold up the cold war, the Iron Curtain speech intially handing the cold war over to the USA
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Date of the Long telegram?

Febuary 1946

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Who sent the Long Telegram and where from?

George Kennan

United States Embassy in Moscow

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Main points in the Long Telegram?

  • Stalin had given a speech calling for the destruction of capitalism
  • There could be no peace with the USSR while it was opposed to capitalism
  • The USSR was building up it military power (indication of war)
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Date of the Novikov Telegram?

September 1946

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Who sent the Noikov Telegram and where from?

Nikolai Novikov

Soviet Embassy in Washington

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Main points in the Novikov Telegram?

  • America desired to dominate the world
  • The American government was no longer interested in co-operation with the USSR
  • The American public was being prepared for war with the USSR (fear of outbreak of war)
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What was Trumans response to the Long Telegram?

The Marshall Plan - June 1947

The Truman Doctrine- March 1947

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Overview of the Marshall plan?

  • Truman backed up his policy of containment with economic aid to Europe
  • Rather then using the military means to stop the spread of communism, they gave struggling counties money. They gave; cash, machinery, food and technological assistance. In return, they would agree to buy US goods and allow US companies to invest capital in their industies
  • Marshal invited countries to meet together and dicide how to use US aid. Sixteen of theese set up the Organisation for European Economic Recovery (OEEC) to put the plan into action.
  • By 1953 the USA had provided $17 billion to help rebuild sruggling economies
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Consequences of the Marshall plan?

  • By 1953, Europe became firmly divided between East and West
  • Stalin accused the USA of using the plan for its own selfish interests
  • Greek royalists defeated the communists with the US aid
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Overview of the Truman Doctrine?

This promised that the USA would support any nation threatened by a communist takeover- the USA and Berlin had already ensured the failure of Communists during the Greek Civil War in 1947. Truman presented the doctrine as a contest between two sets of ideas- the USA was defending democracy agianst Communist takover.

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Consequences of the Truman Doctrine?

  • Rivaily increased between USA and the USSR
  • USA committed to containment in Europe
  • USA decided on the Marshall plan
  • Two armed camps in the world
  • Offical declaration of a 'cold war'
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