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heat stroke ia an uncontrolled increase in your body tempature.

cause of heat stroke include.....

: excercising in warm conditions    : very high humidity      : dehydration.

symptoms of heat stroke are....

: confusion  : red/dry skin  : low blood presure  :convulsions  :fainting :rapid  :heartbeating

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hypothermia occurs when your body is exposed to low tempatures for a long period of time. your body can't replace heat as fast as it's being lost and, if untreated, this can lead to death.

symptoms of hypotherima are....

:grey skin colour  :amnesia (memory loss)  :shivering  :slurred speech  :confusion  :loss of coordination  :cold skin. 

you can treat hypothermia by drinking warm drinks but not alchol, raising the core body tempature and insulating the body (particularly the ampits, head and groin) 

N.B you should'nt rub or masarge the skin because this brings the blood to the surface of the skin which means more heat loss.

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