Holderness Coastline

reasons for erosion and the implications

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Holderness erodes at 1.8m per year

this is because of:

Geology- cliffs made of boulder clay therefore more prone to slumping on saturation

Flambourough head blocks sediment from protecting coastline further down and the chalk when eroded is in the form of solution because its a carbonate

Fetch is from the Artic ocean

Aspect from NE winds

£2 million spent on coastal defences at Mappleton

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social and environmental impacts


1) house prices went down, as no one was able to sell them

2) 30 villages lost to the sea since Roman times


1) SSSI site protects the lagoon which is home to just over 1% of little terns- if this is eroded then an ecosystem is lost

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Economic impacts

1) £2 million spent on sea defences at mappleton in 1991

2) from 1998 to 2006 30% decrease of tourists in Bridlington

3) 80,000 m2 of farm land lost each year --> not good for their livelihood

4) Ulmore'c caravan park has lost 10 pitches a year due to erosion

5) Easington gas terminal is 25m from the edge and if lost Britain loses 25% of its gas supply

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