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  • The Reichstag Fire - 27th Feb 1933
    • What was it?
      • The German Parliament in Berlin burnt down. A Dutch Communist named Van Der Lubbe was found at the scene with a box of matches. 4000 Commuist leaders were arrested and any suspected agitators were to be shot. Van Der Lubbe is known to be mentally ill so there was conspiracy that this was fake.
    • How did Hitler use this to help him?
      • Hitler used the Reichstag fire to convince everyone that there was a real threat of a Communist Revolution.
      • He used the confusion and unease that people felt to consolidate his position
      • EMERGENcY POWERS - Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to pass the 'Law for the Protection of People and State.' This ended freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of press
      • ELECTION SUCCESS - Hitler called for fresh elections. He used his new powers to make life difficult for Non-Nazis candidates. He increased his share of the vote and thereby gave his party more power.
      • Nazis - 281 seats
      • Communists - 81 seats


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