Hitler consolidating his power

In Nazi Germany

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The Reichstag fire

In february 1933 The Reichstag was set on fire, A dutsch Communist was caught Van der lubbe , might have been him, him with communists or most likely Nazis.

Hitler blamed Communists, they lost support.

Goering and secreat police arrested 4000 communist leaders the same night

(very good planning not spur of the moment)

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The emergency degree

Hindenburg passed article 48 the emergency decree on the advice of Hitler because of the fire.

this suspended freedom of speech and press

the police could search houses and hold people for as long as they wanted

Death penalties were introduced for a wide range of crimes

was the legal basis for the terror campaign for 12 years

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Elections and the enabling act

Hitler called another election tried to get as many votes as possible by intimidating opposition voters.

did not get the two thirds needed to pass the enabling act

banned communists, intimindated oppostion

only social democrats voted against

Hitler promised not to harm catholic faith and SA surrounded building so centre party voted for

444 votes to 94

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Night of the long knives

SA was threat because Rohm had too much power and was disagreeing with Hitler on some points.

Hitler used the ** to get rid of the SA and other opposition leaders.

This was to gain the army support

Rohm was murdered

it was successful it disuaded people from opposing Hitler.

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Army oath of loyalty

In August 1934 the army swore an oath of loyalty to Hitler.

they promised not to get involved in politics.

Hitler promised to rearm Germany and reintroduce conscription.

The army's support consolidated Hitler's power.

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Hindenburg dies

On the 2nd August Hindenburg died

Hitler combined the roles of Chancellor and President calling himself fuhrer

there was now no legal way of removing Hitler.

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