History - The impact of immigrants in Britain by 1970

Some notes of the contributions that immigrants had made to Britain in culture, economy and public services by the mid 1970s

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Immigrants and Food

- Italians introduced coffee bars and ice cream parlours

- Immigrants from Cyprus brought the taverna and kebab

- By 1976 there were 2000 Indian restaurants

- Chinese immigrants introduced chinese takeaways

- Curries became increasingly popular

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Immigrants and Religion

- Religions such as Hinduism and also Muslims were introduced

- Immigrants from the Caribbean revitalised Christianinty

- The ethnic population increased from 100 000 in 1951 to 1 200 000 in 1971

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Immigrants and the Economy

- Immigrants often did any job

- Restaurants and takeaways increases

- Immigrants often ran corner shops and off-liscences

- Many immigrants worked in textile industries

- By 1971 there were over 100 000 immigrant textile workers

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Immigrants and Public Services

- Indian doctors were very significant in the organisation of the NHS

- Sybil Phoenix set up a charity for orphans

- The NHS needed immigrants to work as porters, cleaners, nurses etc

- Public transport and the Underground relied on immigrant workers

- The armed forces also used many immigrants

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- West Indians introduced new music

- There were also black newsreaders and sports players

- There were TV shows with racist attitudes

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