British Depth Study (Immigration)

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L.O. What contributions had
immigrants made to British society
by the Early 1970's?…read more

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· Many British people were not racist or prejudiced, even if they were not
ready to stand up to the people who were.
· Some individuals and organisations were prepared to show that they
welcomed immigrants and that they opposed discrimination.
· Other people welcomed immigrants in quiet and purposeful ways.
· During the violence in Notting Hill in 1958 there are many accounts of
whites people protecting their black neighbours
· Trade unions also supported campaigns to stop discrimination in the
· Another group of people who welcomed immigrants were employers.
· Textile mills in Bradford, for example, were on the verge of closing when
the arrival of immigrants (mostly from Pakistan) who were willing to work
for low wages saved many of these mills.…read more

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The contributions of immigrants to Britain
Many individuals have made a great change to Britain's
economy and culture since the 1950's.
One great example is Sybil Phoenix…read more

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Sybil Phoenix ­ what is so great about her?
· She arrived in Britain in 1956 and her first room was a leaking basement in
· She was an orphan and was determined to help other orphans ­ she became
a foster parent and gave homes to over 100 children
· She opened a youth club in Lewisham and helped to found the early race
relations group in the area
· 1971 ­ awarded an MBE (medal of the British Empire)
· 1973 ­ Mayoress of Lewisham
· Even when arsonists burnt down her club she did not give up
· She is still alive today ­ she is 85 years old
If you want to find out more you can visit this website:
or she has her own Facebook page:…read more

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Public services
· Thousands of immigrants like Sybil contributed to a better life
for the British population
· Without them, Britain's major public services would have
ground to a halt
· By the mid-1970's the NHS was very reliant on a huge staff of
porters, cleaners, nurses, doctors, surgeons and consultants.
Most of these were immigrants or had immigrant roots…read more

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Enoch Powell's recruitment campaign in the 1960's led to the
arrival of 18,000 Indian doctors and made the NHS today
· Not just the NHS, London Transport and the Underground
were the first to employ many immigrants but soon towns
and cities all over britain relied on immigrants to run services
like transport and sanitation
· People from immigrant backgrounds were also recruited into
the armed forces and into the police service…read more

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